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Best of British

Jensens, King of Soho, Langleys and Masons Tea Edition to name but a few

American Classics

Deaths Door and Aviation


cocktail 1

Pornstar Martini

Vanilla vodka, vanilla schnapps, passion fruit purée, half a passion fruit and a shot of Prosecco


Mount Gay rum, Havana Club, overproof rum, brown sugar, passion fruit puree, pineapple juice & lime juice

Long Island Ice Tea

£6.95 or a pitcher for £13.95
Smirnoff vodka, Bacardi rum, Tanqueray gin, triple sec, tequila topped up with Pepsi


Virgin Mary, Virgin Mojito, Elderflower Fizz, Strawberry Fizz

Specialty Bottle Beers

We’ve a great selection of bottled beers from around the country and beyond